Our School


George Bonner Elementary is home to students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.



In order to ensure student safety, we require all visitors to the school to sign in at the office and wear a visitor tag (except during student drop off and pick up times).

Late arrivals

Please strive to have your children at school before 8:25 am every day to ensure they are ready to begin the school day punctually at 8:30 am. Any student arriving after 8:30 am must report to the office to sign in.


George Bonner has a beautiful atrium for use as an extension of the classroom. Staff and students will often use the atrium for educational activities and lessons. With this in mind, students, staff and visiting parents are encouraged to be mindful while using this learning environment and act in a respectful and quiet manner at all times.


Please review basic bicycle safety with your child if he/she rides a bicycle to school. Students are expected to walk their bicycles on to and off of school property and to store their helmets in their cubbies or lockers. There is an area near the south gate for students to store their bikes. We recommend that all students lock their bicycles during the day to prevent theft.

Busing/Riding Privileges

All students taking a bus to and/or from school must register with the school district’s transportation department. Information about registration, bus routes, and payment is available on the school district’s website. Students are reminded that the code of conduct applies when riding the bus.

Closed Campus

George Bonner is a closed campus. Students must remain on site at all times.

Clubs and Sports

George Bonner school has a variety of clubs and sports teams for students to participate in, including leadership, chess, Hul’q’umi’num’, library monitors, soccer, field hockey, and volleyball to name a few. Students are encouraged to join in as many activities as possible. New ideas for sports teams and clubs are welcome.

Communication With Staff

If you wish to contact a staff member, please call or email our school office. Parents may, at any time, request a meeting with classroom teachers to discuss information specific to their child.

Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

We are fortunate at George Bonner to have two facilities for physical activity, as well as a large play space. As a result, all students will participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day at school.

Dress Code

Students are encouraged to arrive at school appropriately dressed for the weather conditions, and wearing clothing that appropriately covers the body and is free of inappropriate references and/or content.

Head coverings (hats, hoodies, and toques) are allowed to be worn in the school, however, students are to respect the wishes of staff members if asked to remove their head covering.

Drop Off/Pick-Up

Students in Grades K-5 (and parents) are asked to line up outside of the school in the am at the assigned area.  Teachers will promptly collect students from their lines at 8:30 am. Parents are welcome to enter the atrium with their child, but are encouraged to exit the building shortly thereafter to allow for student learning to begin.

Similarly, in the pm, parents are encouraged to wait for their children outside until 5 minutes before the bell goes as learning takes place in various places in the building, including the atrium, until the end of the school day.

Student in Grades 6 and 7 will be welcomed into the school at 8:15 am to begin preparing for the day ahead.

Electronic Devices

Students are discouraged from bringing electronic devices to school, and are encouraged to use the time at school as an opportunity to socialize with peers, experience the outdoors, and partake in healthy physical activity. The school is not responsible for any electronic device that may become lost, stolen or damaged while at school.

For students in the intermediate grades, electronic devices may be used as a tool for educational purposes during class time however, this is at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Otherwise devices must not be used once on school property.

Facebook Page/Web Page

To receive updates and information about the happenings at school, “Like” the George Bonner Elementary School’s Facebook page or visit https://georgebonner.sd79.bc.ca.


If your child is ill or showing signs of illness, please keep him or her at home. This acts as a preventative measure for the spread of the illness and ensures that your child will get the care they need. If your child becomes sick while at school, efforts will be made to contact you or your emergency contact and your child will be sent home for the day.

Inside Shoes

Students in primary classes are asked to wear inside shoes during class time. Similarly, students in all grades will require inside shoes for participation in PE. Socks are unsafe and dirty outside shoes impact the condition and cleanliness of the gym floors.

Lunch Expectations

  • Wash your hands
  • Stay seated at your own desk
  • Use your manners
  • Speak quietly
  • Do not trade or share food
  • Recycle and put garbage and lunch bags away when the bell goes
  • Be respectful of food allergies- some of our classrooms are “Nut Free”

Lost and Found

All lost items will be placed in the Lost and Found, which is located in the PE Hallway. Please visit this area occasionally to look for any lost personal belongings. Unclaimed clothing and items will be donated to a local charity periodically throughout the year.

Monthly Newsletter

Newsletters will be distributed at the beginning of every month via e-mail. Please contact the school’s office if you require a paper copy.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

George Bonner has a healthy and active Parent Advisory Committee that works hard to support the students, staff and school community through various activities, fundraisers and initiatives. The PAC meets monthly at the school. For further information about meetings and upcoming events, please contact the PAC at georgebonnerpac@yahoo.ca or “Like” George Bonner Elementary PAC on Facebook.

Parent Drivers

Parent drivers are required for certain school field trips and extra-curricular activities. Volunteer drivers must provide a copy of their vehicle insurance and driver’s license, as well as a Driver’s Abstract (available from any BC Access Centre) each year. Please note: all students travelling in at private vehicle under the age of 9 must ride in a booster seat, unless they are 4’9” tall.

Parent Volunteers

We welcome all parents to come in to the school and lend a hand whenever and wherever they can. Please visit the office to sign a volunteer form. Please note: All visitors must sign in to the office and wear the appropriate tag while working in the school.

Parking Lot

Parents are asked to respect the signage placed around the parking areas. Please do not park in the staff allocated parking lot. Please remind your children to use the proper crosswalks and to walk at all times. Students will be asked to wait for parents behind the yellow line closest to the school. Standing on the lamppost island near the parking lot or near the yellow gates is prohibited. Note: The lane closest to the school is for buses only.


There is no daily scheduled recess, however, students will have a nutritional break in the morning and most often will participate in outdoor free time while supervised by their classroom teacher.

School Closures

In the event of inclement weather, school closures will be announced on the school district website and local radio stations.

School Supplies

A list of school supplies for each Grade is available in the office and also on the website. (ex. box of tissues, change of clothes, protractor, etc.)

Students Leaving Early

If you are picking up your child from school during the day, please write a note in your child’s agenda informing the teacher of the absence, and sign your child out from the office. Parents must come in to the office to sign out their child.

School Plan for Student Achievement

Each year the School Planning Council creates a School Plan for Student Achievement, and formulates a plan for addressing an area of concern connected to student learning. The plan includes a goal, which focuses the teaching staff’s efforts and learning.

This year’s school goal will focus on self-regulation and improving students’ ability to:

  1. Identify and regulate their behaviour
  2. Learn and increase their academic performance

During the scheduled Professional learning Community (PLC) early dismissal times and other collaborative activities, the staff will reflect and learn about the five domains of self-regulation and how to support our students in becoming more proficient and regulated learners.


Supervision in the morning begins 15 minutes before the welcoming bell and ends in the afternoon 15 minutes after the final bell. Parents are reminded that students arriving before or leaving after the allocated supervision times will not be supervised. Prompt pick up and drop off in the morning and afternoon is appreciated.

During lunch outside time, four noon hour supervisors help to ensure the safety of students on the playing structures and surrounding areas. All students are to be outside during the lunch free time.


We ask all students to leave toys at home. We have classroom equipment and playground structures for student use during free-time. We also offer a variety of sports teams and clubs for students.