As some of us return to school, there will be some things the same and familiar, but many things will be different than what you had hoped them to be. Unfortunately, the library will not open for the last month of school. Instead of the last 2 weeks being closed to do the year end activities, the whole month will be used. If you do have books to return to the library, and are returning to school, please use the book return slot in the hallway in front of the library. If are not returning to school, see if you can have someone drop the books at the school. As the last resort, you can contact me, and provide me your name and the title of the book, so I at least know that the book is not lost, and we can make arrangements for the book to be returned in September, or in some other manner. ​Take Care The following link will take you to a website that will assist families and students to learn from home. Please check it out. It will take you away from the Bonner Library site that is currently hosted on the School District's server.