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Home Economics

Grade 6

    In the sewing component grade 6 students will use wool and a loom to create a useful project for themselves or as a gift for someone. Grade 6 cooking consists of learning basic cooking skills, and the use of various kitchen utensils. The students will create luncheon items that encourage good nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Grade 7

    The sewing component is designed to introduce a variety of hand stitching techniques and constructions skills that are useful to everyday life. They will then use these stitches to first create a toy, followed by a stuffed animal pillow.

    The second half of the exploratory is spent orienting themselves in the kitchen, through the Foods Program. In small working groups, students tackle all aspects of meal making, from food preparation through to clean up. Students prepare a variety of breakfast and lunch foods while learning about proper nutrition, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle!

Student Links:

Health Canada



Nutrition Cafe


Grade 8

    Grade 8 students will refresh their knowledge of the embroidery stitches learned in Grade 7. They will also learn the basics of machine sewing. As this is new territory for many Grade 8s, learning to use a sewing machine can be exciting and fun. Using these two skills, students will sew their own projects. For their fabric, students will be able to choose from a variety of styles and colours.

    The foods component is designed to emphasize cooperative group learning while developing confidence in preparing a variety of foods. Foods 8 will encourage students to eat wisely and make healthy good choices as they focus on lunches, muffins and biscuits. This course is designed to be the basis of further food courses.